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  • Beskrivelse: The dress was a little bit longer, but that was not an issue; I had it on with heels, and it perfectly matched the occasion's theme. It's bony in the chest and doesn't require any bra. Beautiful work, I must admit, for that price. Thank you, Bridesire.
    Dato lagt: 27-11-2022
    Etter: Ruby

  • Beskrivelse: I'm obsessed with the quality of delivery I get. I'm 5'7, 136lbs, and pear-shaped in away lo! Although I'm smaller in the bust, the dress is adjustable enough, so the straps don't fall out. The only issue is that it is sequin; thus, a bit scratchy under the arms, but that is not an issue, the underneath fabric is comfortable enough, and I'm okay with that.
    Dato lagt: 20-11-2022
    Etter: Christiane

  • Beskrivelse: I was nervous when I placed my order; however, the package I received was outstanding. During our evening dinner out, my colleagues were jealous to know where I ordered my dress from. You have earned yourselves new client's courtesy of good work.
    Dato lagt: 20-11-2022
    Etter: Ali

  • Beskrivelse: OMG! I ordered this dress hoping it would reflect what was shown in the image and be true to it. The dress is amazing, and the cuts are well done. Besides, the dress fits my body like a glove revealing my perfect curves. Thank you, Bridesire, for a good job.
    Dato lagt: 16-11-2022
    Etter: franco

  • Beskrivelse: I wanted a custom-made fairy tale themed dress and Bridesire didn't disappoint in that. I’m so glad I found these guys. The A-line dress I ordered looks very classy and with that price, I had to leave a tip. Thank you, Bridesire. I will come back for more with my friends tagged along.
    Dato lagt: 16-11-2022
    Etter: CARMEN

  • Beskrivelse: I'm glad I found this site. I had no idea what style of wedding dress I need but the customer support walked me through all the details, and I found out the perfect match for the dresses I needed. When I received my package, I was mesmerized by the quality of the fabric used. Thank you, Bridesire.
    Dato lagt: 15-11-2022
    Etter: Bernd

  • Beskrivelse: They have a beautiful collection of dresses and I was spoilt for choices while looking for an upcoming dinner date with by boyfriend. I ordered a silver dress and it looked prettier on me than on the photos. Thank you, guys, for an outstanding work. The dress is so beautiful and flattering. It's not easy getting a dress with that price compromisng on quality. But you guys did it.
    Dato lagt: 15-11-2022
    Etter: Carol

  • Beskrivelse: I thought I had fell in love with fiancé until I got this dress for my wedding, it made me fall in love twice, and I mean it. I ordered a tailor made dress and the tailor paid attention to detail. While walking down to take my vows, everyone was glued on me and that felt hella special. Thank you Bridesire for the quality work.
    Dato lagt: 14-11-2022
    Etter: Tracie

  • Beskrivelse: The style of the dress is what I have been looking for in stores but I couldn't find. The lace detailing on the dress and the neckline is what makes it unique. Confidently, I recommend Bridesire since this is my fourth purchase and with every delivery, they never disappoint.
    Dato lagt: 13-11-2022
    Etter: Susann

  • Beskrivelse: I'm always hesitant shopping for clothes online, but my gamble paid off. The dress is worth every penny. The quality of the material and the color was just wow! I guess you have won a life time customer. Will shop for my evening dresses in the coming months from you.
    Dato lagt: 12-11-2022
    Etter: Birgit

  • Beskrivelse: It's not always easy to get a dress that is fitting you well if you are a plus size like me. However, I'm so glad I found Bridesire. My dress is considerably flattering and made of substantial material. Besides, its well hemmed and fully lined. I couldn’t have been happier with the delivery. Thank you, Bridesire.
    Dato lagt: 12-11-2022
    Etter: Erica

  • Beskrivelse: Was I made for this dress or the dress was made for me? I bet we are both “meant “ each other. The color is eye-catching and vibrant matching my skin tone. Besides, it is not too long or short, just enough length to show off my beautiful legs. I felt like a queen in the dress and cannot wait to renew our vows in it.
    Dato lagt: 11-11-2022
    Etter: Zona

  • Beskrivelse: So glamorous. I felt like a Hollywood star in it. The lace bodice was well fitted to hug my body in the right places. The dress is a reflection of my personality, and I could not ask for anything more. The color is sleek and a bit mysterious. My friends were curios where I got it from.
    Dato lagt: 10-11-2022
    Etter: Emmy

  • Beskrivelse: Having a dress that is so versatile and not comprising is golden. I have worn this dress to two different events and each time, I feel like it's a different dress. It's long and flowing, a perfect fit for casual occasions. It's lavenderish, a perfect color for almost every skin tone.
    Dato lagt: 09-11-2022
    Etter: Maria

  • Beskrivelse: My dress is a serious stunner for such a price! I got this dress from Bridesire for a girl's night out. The floor-length cut is perfect and the bodice accentuates my waist well. I love the royal blue gorgeous color and the craftmanship put in it. Thanks, Bridesire.
    Dato lagt: 08-11-2022
    Etter: Donna

  • Beskrivelse: Every lady has the lash feeling when they wear a luxurious outfit, and that is the feeling I had when I unboxed my dress. The dress was silky and smooth against my skin, my fiancé couldn’t afford to take his eyes off me. A perfect gift, for a lifetime occasion. Thank you, Bridesire.
    Dato lagt: 07-11-2022
    Etter: Kerstin

  • Beskrivelse: A burgundy color-rich dress that is perfect for any winter activity. Thank you, Bridesire for this perfect gift. The lace details on the dress are unique. I got this dress for a party. It has too much room to allow you rock the dance floor with comfort. Thanks, Bridesire.
    Dato lagt: 06-11-2022
    Etter: Matts

  • Beskrivelse: The champagne color pops out, and I love it. It's a great fit and well tailormade just for me. Thank you, Bridesire, for making my wedding an amazing one. Everyone asked me where I shopped for my dress, it was stunning, and the craftsmanship was top-notch.
    Dato lagt: 05-11-2022
    Etter: Monica Nystøyl

  • Beskrivelse: Simple and elegant design meant for any occasion. There is no better way to describe my dress. The quality of the fabric is top-notch. The dresses stretches and hugs my figure perfectly without much constraints. The best part of it, you can match it up with different accessories. I'm glad I found this dress!
    Dato lagt: 05-11-2022
    Etter: Jacqueline

  • Beskrivelse: The laid-back beachy vibe of the dress is what caught my attention. And it's more than that. The dress is made of lightweight quality fabric perfect for summer weather. The craftmanship is perfect and unique. Never seen anyone with it, besides its comfortable and easy to move around in. This got to be my perfect summer activity dress.
    Dato lagt: 04-11-2022
    Etter: nancy

  • Beskrivelse: If you thought binge buying is not real, then you wrong. I landed on Bridesire website and the pretty images of the clothes led to spending the cash which was meant for other activities. I spotted a few beautiful dresses on site and fell in love with it. I ended buying this dress and three other long evening dresses. The dresses fit me well and are beyond my expectation. Thank you.
    Dato lagt: 04-11-2022
    Etter: VALENTINA

  • Beskrivelse: My fiancé had shopped at a few bridal stores and wasn't happy with what she got. We then decided to search online to determine if we could get something better, and when we landed on the Bridesire website, we decided to try it. The delivery didn't disappoint, and she is very happy for trusting you guys with her wedding dress.
    Dato lagt: 03-11-2022
    Etter: Troy

  • Beskrivelse: The dress was great, and the fabric was soft. However, the fitting was a little too big, which is a good thing, but I will have it altered a bit. I'm 39 cup bra sizes, and the embellishments looked great. I can't wait to wear this dress on my big day. Thank you, Bridesire, for the quality work.
    Dato lagt: 02-11-2022
    Etter: Suzanne

  • Beskrivelse: My friends were astonished the dress cost me a little. I highly recommend this dress. The lace and sequins are what make it unique. Thank you, Bridesire, for the good work. I love my dress.
    Dato lagt: 01-11-2022
    Etter: Malgorzata

  • Beskrivelse: I ordered this dress as a backup plan, but oh my! But as soon as I put it on, it turned out to be the best, and I knew it was the one I would use for my big day. The dress is flattering, and the corset allows you to tailor it to your needs. The quality of the material and craftsmanship is an absolute steal.
    Dato lagt: 01-11-2022
    Etter: Margareta

Visning 1 til 25 (av 5170 anmeldelser)
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